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A1516 Double Axises Four Blades Efficiency Turning CNC Lathe Machine

The two-axis CNC woodworking lathe can process two workpieces at one time, and the product efficiency is doubled. The two workpieces processed are the same, which are more suitable for manufacturers of stairs, furniture fittings, tables and chairs and legs.

  • Model:                            APEXTECH  1516 Wood Lathe
  • Category:                       Wood Lathe Machine
  • Brand:                             APEXTECH
  • Standard Price:             USD 4,800
  • Price Range:                   USD 4,800 – USD 9,800 
  • Warranty:                        1.5 year
  • Delivery Time:                15 working days
  • Supply Ability:                30 SET/ MONTH
  • Payment Terms:             T/T 30% in advance and the balance paid before shipping

A1516 Double Axises Four Blades Efficiency Turning CNC Lathe Machine Introduction

The two-axis CNC woodworking lathe has a special feeding centering device, which is convenient for feeding, has a detachable tool holder, can process fine columns, and the stable bed is equipped with an efficient numerical control program to ensure the surface finish of your product. The double-axis double-knife woodworking lathe can be used to divide the processing function, and the amount of the knife can be decomposed. It can be set back and forth in the system and set different processing depths. The reciprocating knife function is generally used for vases with a ball head or a very large drop. In the shape turning process, it is processed back and forth in one part, and the other parts are formed at one time, which minimizes the processing time.CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine For Baseball bats billiard cue making Cnc Wood Bowl Lathe Machine selling online CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine For Baseball bats billiard cue making Cnc Wood Bowl Lathe Machine selling online

1) High efficiency and good surface finish. The machine has 2 cutters: the rough turning cutter and the finish turning cutter, and therefore highly improve working efficiency and workpiece surface quality.

2) High precision and accuracy: Heavy-duty structure with good stability, avoid shaking during the spindle rotating fast or the big sizes work piece processing; furthermore, the spindle speed is adjustable through the inverter. High accuracy stepper motor, through program calculating, guarantees the exact processing size.

3)Easy and safe operation and low maintenance cost: humanized and updatable operation system and USB interface, easy and convenient to change the working pattern without live programming.

4) Good Compatibility: freely design and engrave all kinds of patterns and text, which are designed by Core draw, Art cam, AutoCAD and other software.

5) Smooth and High-Precision Transmission: Germany ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin linear square rail with high transmitting precision and long working time.

6) Perfect details processing technology: every detail is treated and inspected very seriously so that perfect machine could be made.

7) Matured and perfect after-sales service system around the clock.

Technical Specification of A1516 Double Axises Four Blades Efficiency Turning CNC Lathe Machine


NO. DescriptionParameter
1Model APEX 1516DA Lathe
2Max processing length1500mm (2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm for option)
3Max turning diameter


4Air pressure0.6-0.8Pa
5Power supplyAC 380V/220V, 3 phase,50hz/60hz
6 Max feed rate 200cm/min
7 Min setting unit 0.01cm
8 Transmission type ballscrew for X Z axis, gear for Y axis
9 Rail Taiwan Hiwin square rail
10 Min shaft rotating speed Turning function, Spindle hollowing, twisting, engraving, milling,slotting,broaching
11 Main function 4kw
12 Spindle power 3.5kw aircooling spindle,0-3000r/min
13 Cutting Material Super hard alloy
14 Controller DSP remote controller
15 Motor model Stepper motor Yako driver
16 Frequency inverter Fuling Frequency inverter
17 Drawing software Autocad
18 Supporting file format .dxf .dbf . nc
19 Guarantee1.5 year  from the date of commission
20 Package wooden box with plastic
 21 Optional device  automatic feeding plant form, loading unloading system

CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine For Baseball bats billiard cue making Cnc Wood Bowl Lathe Machine selling online CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine For Baseball bats billiard cue making Cnc Wood Bowl Lathe Machine selling online CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine For Baseball bats billiard cue making Cnc Wood Bowl Lathe Machine selling online

Suitable Materials and Industrial Applications

Various wood materials can be processed, such as beech, oak, pile of wood, birch, teak, sandalwood, rosewood and other wood material. APEX Wood Turning CNC lathe is special for Staircases, Stairway Balusters, Stairway Newel Posts, Dining Table Legs, End Table Legs, Sofa Table Legs, Bar Stool Legs, Chair .

For the production of solid wood furniture, solid wood staircase, wood columns, solid wood floor racks, wood decorative, wood crafts, such as rotating working pieces machining. Applies to furniture, staircases, decorative, wooden crafts manufacturing factory, etc. The final products include various cylindrical working pieces, bowl shape, tubular shape and vehicle wood crafts, such as various staircase column, Roman column, general column, tables or chairs legs, washstand, wooden vase, wooden table, baseball bat, car wooden furniture, children’ s bed column, etc.

1). Maximum working length is 2000mm, Max.turning diameter is 300mm.

2).You can choose 1 cutter machine, Also can choose 2 cutters at two sides of the machine, the 2 cutters work together,improve the efficiency greatly.

3).Linear square rails, ballscrews,some electronic components are imported, high precision and durable.

4). It is heavy-duty, heavy weight, avoid shaking when the spindle rotates fast.

5). Easy operation, we can draw by autoCAD and other softwares, transfer the files to machine by a USB.

6). If you want to engrave stripe, we will add a 3.5kw air cooling spindle, and add a 4.0kw stepper motor on 1 cutter machine/ a 5.5kw stepper motor on 2 cutters machine.

7). We will customize the size of machine according to customer’s need.

staircase column, Roman column, general column,washstand, wooden vase, wooden table, baseball bat, car wooden furniture

 Various cylinderical workpiece, bowl sharp, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts samples

A1530 Wood Turning Cnc Lathe Machine Operation

CNC woodturning is a form of CNC woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. In the process of numerical control turning, the numerical control device is a special CNC system that controls the numerical control woodworking lathe and completes the automatic machining of the parts. It receives digital parts patterns, process requirements and other information, and performs interpolation operations according to a certain mathematical model. The working operation of CNC lathe is mainly divided into the following 4 steps:

  • Step 1. Write a program list in the format specified by the CNC system used, and record it on the program carrier according to the pattern and process plan of the processed parts, before turning a workpiece on a CNC lathe.
  • Step 2. Input the program on the program carrier into the numerical control device through the input device.
  • Step 3. After the numerical control device processes the input program, it sends a command to the servo system of each coordinate of the numerical control lathe.
  • Step 4. According to the signal sent by the CNC device, the servo system drives the moving parts of the CNC lathe through the servo actuator through the transmission device, so that the CNC lathe works in accordance with the prescribed action sequence, speed and displacement, so as to produce the parts in accordance with the drawing.

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