AH4030 4Axis Quartzite Crystal Engraving Jewelry Machine Cnc Milling And Jade Engraver Router

  • AH4030 4Axis Quartzite Crystal Engraving Machine, engraving jewelry machine cnc milling and jade engraver machine
AH4030 4Axis Quartzite Crystal Engraving Machine, engraving jewelry machine cnc milling and jade engraver machine – best sellingcnc router engrave glass engraving machine metal cnc router mini 3d crystal laser subsurface engraving machine/ cnc moulding machine 3D portable laser engraving machine wood hand engraving.


Features of AH4030 4Axis Quartzite Crystal Engraving Machine:

1.Bigger working table for 2D mass produced 

2.Dust cap,more quieter and more clean 

3.Technology of Water Cooling spindle,more effectively 

4.with LED inside,you wouldn’t miss any details 

5.oil hand pump,more durable 

6.Handle controller system easy to operate 

7.The best frequency changer,more secure, more stable 8.Four pulleys at the bottom,easy to move.

AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine

Parameters of AH4030 4Axis Quartzite Crystal Engraving Machine: 

2Processing work size270*100*130mm(XYZ)
3Processing 4axis size100mm diameter x200mm length
4Whole machine size800*750*1600mm
5Net weight350kg
6Equipment framewhole cast iron, heavy square steel
7Fixed waywith wood pressing board/ glue
8Engraving precision+-0.01mm
9Spindle Power1.5kw watercooling spindle
10Spindle speed24000RPM/min
11Processing speed0-4000mm/min
12Railsquare rail liner rail
13BallscrewImported ball screw with more precision
14Driving systemServo motor and driver
15Tools Collet2.3mm/3mm/4mm/6mm
16Working voltageAC220v, 50-60hz
17ControllerYB panel controller

AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine AH4030-4Axis-Quartzite-Crystal-Engraving-Machine

Suitable Materials and Industrial Applications:

It is mainly used on pink quartzite crystal precious stone and can engrave on some jade,amber, agate,glass,

white jade,metal, obsidian. and to make pendant and eardrops, and necklace etc.

This kind AH4030 Quartzite/Crystal Engraving Machines is a multi-function professional jade engraving with

both 3d/2d, also belonging to multi-function 4axis cnc stone router.

Not only can process the flat relief sculpture, but also can engrave on cylinderical jade material.

It is the first choice for the people who need the high standard jade engraving machine.
4 axis CNC 3D carving machinery for jadite samples

Guarantee & After Sales Service:

  • The whole machine guarantee is 18 months except for special parts.
  • Main parts(excluding the consumables and the person damaged) shall be changed free of charge if
    there is any problem during the warranty period, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
  • 24 hours technical support by phone, email or msn, skype etc. 
  • Software is on update for free.
  • Provide for English manual and CD video of machine using and maintainin

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