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  • Economic 3 Axis Furniture Engraving CNC Router Affordable Price CNC Wood Router 8x4 For ABS Cutting, PVC MDF Cut Engraver Machinery
B1325-3D Economic CNC Machine 3 Axis Furniture Engraving CNC Router – Economic Factory price CNC Hobby Router for Wood 1300x2500x200mm 3d ecnomic CNC Engraving Machine,  3d New economical CNC engraving router for woodworking.


Features of  Economic Factory price 1300x2500x200mm 3d ecnomic CNC Machine

1. Ncstudio control system, high precision and high performance. 

2. Imported spare parts:Taiwan HIWIN square guide rails and Germany original rotating arm, ensuring machine’s accuracy and strength. 

3. Z axis travel can be heightened to 1 meter, suitable for processing of large –scale three dimensional surface. 

4. The intelligent processing of cross-border protection. 

5. Diversified control can control the processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed, greatly improving the quality of processed products and processing efficiency. CE certification

6. Heavy duty bed structure, more stable. 

7. TaiWan HIWIN square guide rails, high precision. 

8. X Y transmissiom by helical rack Z axis by ball screw. 

9. Stepper motor working mode 

10. Aluminum T-slot table 

11. DSP control system 

12. Water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle is optional.

Parameters of Economic Factory price 1325 3d ecnomic CNC Machine

1X,Y,Z working area1300*2500*200mm
2Drive and motorYako stepper motor/driver

3kw watercooling spindle

4InverterFuling frequency inverter
5Control systemNCstudio/ Mach3/DSP controller
6X, Y, Z Travelling Positioning Accuracy±0.05/300mm
7X, Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
8FrameBig thickened Steel Square Tubes
9X, Y structureRack and pinion, Hiwin square rails on X, Y axis
10Z structureTaiwan TBI Ballscrew, Hiwin square rails on Z axis
11Max Rapid Travel Rate30,000mm/min
12Max working speed15,000mm/min
13Working voltageAC220V/380V, single/three phase
14Command languagesG code
15Running Environment  Temperature0 degree – 45 degree
16SoftwareArtcam English version
17Net weight1350KGS
18Gross weight1550KGS
19Relative Humidity30% – 75%
20GuaranteeOne year from the date of commission


Optional Accessories

Rotary system

Mist-cooling system

Dust collector/ Dust hoods for three axis

Pneumatic Auto Tool Changing Wood CNC Router Machine with 4 Spindles  Pneumatic Auto Tool Changing Wood CNC Router Machine with 4 Spindles

Suitable Materials and Industrial Applications:

  • Furniture industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood doors, decorative materials, cabinet doors, computer tables, panel furniture, office furniture, wood Furniture industry, wood door, cabinets, kitchen, Chairs, decoration business, solid wood doors. 
  • Mould industry, wood panel, Alucobond, wave board processing, screen, calligraphy tablet design , relief, PVC and MDF sheet carving and so on ,Speaker system, kitchen utensils, and other wooden furniture processing.
  • Wood cnc router is widely used in furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, musical instrument industry, wooden crafts industry, etc. And this machine is suitable for large area plate engraving, solid wood furniture engraving, solid wood art murals carving, MDF carving and cutting, etc.

panel furniture production line industry Auto Feeding MDF Board Wood CNC Router (1)

Guarantee & After Sales Service:

  • The whole machine guarantee is 18 months except for special parts.
  • Main parts(excluding the consumables and the person damaged) shall be changed free of charge if
    there is any problem during the warranty period, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
  • 24 hours technical support by phone, email or msn, skype etc. 
  • Software is on update for free.
  • Provide for English manual and CD video of machine using and maintaining.

Pneumatic Auto Tool Changing Wood CNC Router Machine with 4 Spindles

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