Mini 5Axis CNC Center Router Engraving Machine With Cheap Inexpensive Price

Highlight for this Cross Slide Table Craftsman CNC Router 5 Axis 3040

It can work with 3 axis / 4 axis / 5 axis, just as you like ! Cross slippery platform and havier base made it a higher precision.

1500W water-cooling spindle; Video supported; CE approval.

Integrated high-speed microcomputer intelligent control chip, can be equipped with external LCD monitor with hands, automatic detection of computer controlled automatic shield handle motion control functions, can simultaneously track digital recording of computer data and handle mobile data control.

 The computer keeps track of the path, you can run once the computer processing of the data record-keeping process automatically repeats offline processing operation.

3 Manually move the processing to save recorded track record, manually move the machine data and automatically reprocessed run manually move the path.

Manual data input processing path and enter the path to run automatically.

You can automatically complete the XYZ axis or Z axis of the knife, without complicated computer software operation control.

Max 5A stepper motor drive current, eight-speed adjustable.

Up to 16 segments, higher accuracy, run more smoothly.

Overload over-current over-temperature protection function, automatic semi-flow control, fully protect your computer and peripherals.

9 Bipolar constant current chopper drive motor low-speed non-creeping phenomenon, noise, non-resonant region.

10 Closed optical isolation, dual-stage signal processing, and fully protect your computers and devices.

Featured Products

Each axis is with independent driver,totally 5 independent drivers for 5 axis, bring high accuracy, speedy heat dissipation, longer using life, stable and efficient signal transmission.

5axis cnc router machine for statue making, All kinds of stone , wood , Styrofoam bubble(EPS), resin, gypsum, other non-metal carbide composite materials.

What Our Custumers say

On November 6th , 2017, Mr. Oscar from Tanzania visited our factory about CNC Router machine. During his visit, we made one sample design, engraving on mdf. Named “Welcome Mr. Oscar, May God bless you” It make Mr. Oscar very moved, and then we go to our office contacted more details about this cnc. As final, we confirmed the Proforma Invoice. And we believe we will have a good cooperation soon~

Mr. Oscar

On 18th July, Mr.Shay and Mr.Maunies from Israel,come to visit our factory,and test their material he bring from their company in our factory. Firstly,they learn how cnc router and plasma cutting machine operate, highly appreciated our technology and best quality machines, they tell will buy our cnc machines more and more.


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